KIDS VOTING USA: Youngsters get early civics lesson

The November midterm elections gave Marathon County youth the opportunity to get involved in a simulated voting process, thanks to the Wisconsin chapter of Kids Voting USA (KVUSA).


‘High Five’ scores big with students

A program to help at-risk students learn about future careers and become more aware about college is getting positive feedback from students.


Director’s message

The 2014 midterm elections showed that Wisconsinites actively exercised their right to vote - with nearly 57 percent voting statewide (compared to just 36.3 percent nationally). WIPPS partnered with media organizations to help prepare voters through a series of pre-election debates.


WIPPS Fellow heads ‘People of Rural Wisconsin’ project

WIPPS Fellow Matt Groshek has returned to his roots in Rudolph, Wisconsin - and is spearheading the People of Rural Wisconsin Project - an oral history program focused on people living and working in rural Wisconsin communities.


Obey Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Obey Center Grand Opening highlights!

Obey Center video: How YOU make the difference

Congratulations to Kettering Summit participants!

These students from UW-Marathon County were part of a College Students and Politics Summit, organized by the Kettering Foundation, a nonprofit group that focuses on ways people can collectively make democracy work.

A total of nine students attended the July summit and an earlier one in Dayton, Ohio. Students applied to the summit through a leadership class taught by Eric Giordano, WIPPS director, and John Greenwood, WIPPS consultant.

Students participated in activities with other college students from around the country. They learned about ways to increase civic engagement, including deliberation on national public policy issues, as part of their education and practice.

WIPPS report shows dislocated mill workers fared remarkably well

A new report entitled, “Serving Dislocated Workers from the Port Edwards Paper Mill: A Return on Investment Study” was released by the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board (NCWWDB). A worker survey and survey data analysis was conducted and a final report written by the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS). More.

WIPPS New Identity Video Revealed!

A glimpse into the work of the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service. Learn about our projects, our goals and why we are vital to the citizens of Wisconsin.


Welcome to the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service

WIPPS is a nonprofit institute that addresses local, state, and national issues by linking public scholarship, civic outreach, and student service to enhance community life throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

WIPPS’ work is responsive and collaborative. We bring non-partisan approaches, tools, and resources to help state and local governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and citizens address and solve real problems.

WIPPS adheres closely to the Wisconsin Idea by connecting the resources of the public university to issues relevant to the citizens of Wisconsin.

  • WIPPS sponsors and organizes statewide conferences, including recent conferences on: overcoming poverty; understanding globalization for Wisconsin business; developing sustainable communities; assessing the ethics of stem cell research; addressing the origins of domestic violence; and rethinking the civic mission of the public university.
  • WIPPS fosters non-partisan civic dialogue, deliberation, and healthy debate on complex issues. We partner with libraries, universities, schools, government entities, and other organizations to host public dialogues on topics ranging from the future of health care in America, to the challenges of immigration, to the national debt.
  • WIPPS provides opportunities for college students to engage in collaborative research, participate in internships, enage in meaningful service to their commnities, and gain valuable leadership skills.
  • WIPPS encourages public scholarship and research to address needs in our state and communities. We sponsor faculty and student fellowships and assist with grant-writing to encourage interdisciplinary research that can be translated into real world action.

WIPPS holds the vision that all citizens of Wisconsin can become educated and engaged community members and active participants in civic life.

We invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback at